Historical Societies 

Artist Lab: Historical Societies

Deadline to apply: September 26, 2021

Artist Lab: Historical Societies, presented by Kasini House’s Art Meets History Initiative and Kolaj Institute, is four weeks of workshops and discussions designed to foster the integration of history and contemporary art into an artist’s practice and to develop artwork that speaks to a community. The Lab is led by Wylie Garcia and Ric Kasini Kadour, recipient of a 2020-2021 Curatorial Fellowship from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Arts. The Lab is produced in partnership with the Southern Vermont Arts Center, Kolaj Institute, Russell Vermontiana Collection, Manchester Historical Society, Pawlet Historical Society, and Dorset Historical Society.

IMPORTANT: Read the full Call to Artists HERE.


The Artist Lab is intended for self-motivated artists, at any stage in their career, who want to develop a practice of working with historic sites or history associations to create and present art that embeds itself in non-traditional spaces and speaks to a general community about contemporary issues. The Lab is open to artists anywhere in the world. Artists from Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, and queer communities are encouraged to apply.


The cost of the Lab is $750 per artist; however, no artist will be turned away for lack of funds and the organizers will work with artists to build a financial aid package.


The Artist Lab unfolds over a series of 12 virtual sessions and a 36-hour in-person visit in Vermont.

Over the course of four weeks, artists will participate in online meetings, engage in one-on-one sessions with faculty, and complete independent assignments. Sessions are one hour to an hour-and-a-half long and include slideshows, artist presentations, and discussions. Guest artists share their practices and lead discussions. Specialists introduce participants to collections and archives and speak to the histories they are preserving.

Specific dates and times of virtual sessions are scheduled with the accepted participants and may take place during regular business hours on weekdays, weekends, and evenings as needed.

NOTE: This lab requires artists to be in Manchester, Vermont from 11am, Friday, October 15 to 2PM, Saturday, October 16, 2021. During that visit, artists will be traveling between the Southern Vermont Arts Center, historical societies and other locations in this rural area. The cost of transportation to and from Manchester, transportation while in Manchester, and lodging and food is not included in the Artist Lab fee. Lunch on Saturday will be provided. Driving to the lab or renting a car once in Manchester is highly recommended. If you have concerns about meeting this obligation, we encourage you to apply and to include those concerns in your submission. If accepted, we will work with you to address any barriers to participation.


The submission process asks applicants for:
• Contact information
• Artist Bio (50-250 words)
• Statement of Artist Practice (50-300 words)
• 5-7 images of artwork
• Statement of expectations
• Asks questions about your work and needs


If you have questions, send an email.

Kolaj Magazine‘s Artist Directory is a tool for organizing and cataloguing artists who work in the medium of collage. Its audience includes the general public as well as independent curators, art venues, and writers.

What Is the Kolaj Magazine Artist Directory?

Kolaj Magazine Artist Directory is a membership-based directory and advertising program. The editorial staff of Kolaj Magazine uses the Artist Directory to select artists to feature in the publication and to select artists for various curatorial projects and the Artist Directory exists as a public resource for those interested in collage as a medium and is designed to put interested parties in direct contact with artists. The Doug + Laurie Kanyer Collection uses the Artist Directory to learn about artists for their collection. Members of the Artist Directory are permitted and encouraged to refer to their Listing when responding to Calls to Artists as a way of facilitating their response. The Kolaj Magazine Artist Directory is the primary online gateway of the Kolaj Institute Artist Archive and is used to organize online information about artist members. We offer members an option for an Artist Advertisement in the printed magazine.  

Sign-Up Options

The cost of a 12-month membership to the online Kolaj Magazine Artist Directory is $20.00.

The print edition of Kolaj Magazine features a directory of collage artists. (see example here) Listings are paid advertisements that feature an image as well as the name; city, state, & country; and website or email of the artist.  The listings appear in a box that is 3.7 inches wide and 3 inches tall. After you select and send the images to be featured, Kolaj staff will prepare the listing and send you a digital proof if requested. The cost is $50 per issue (or four issues for $150) and includes a 12-month membership to the online directory.

Sign-Up Process

The registration process will ask you for:

Artist Bio

Artist Statement

3-5 images & captions

Collage Books is Kolaj Magazine’s tool for organizing, documenting, and cataloguing books in which collage plays an important role. Our audience includes readers and collectors of collage books as well as curators, art venues, and writers. 

We seek submissions of collage-related titles. We take a broad view of collage books and include trade editions, art criticism, coffee table books, ‘zines, artist books, catalogues, literary endeavours that feature collage. 

We accept submissions from traditional publishers, small presses, and individual artists and writers.

Inclusion in the directory is at the discretion of the publisher. If you are interested in advertising in the “Collage Books” section of the print magazine, send us an email for details.

Sign-Up Process

The registration process will ask you for:
Title and author information
Publisher information
Book Details
An announcement or press release
3-5 images & captions

Review Copy

If you wish to submit a review copy, you can mail the book to:

Kolaj Magazine
c/o Maison Kasini
PO Box 247 Station C
Montreal, Quebec H2L 4K1

Kolaj Magazine
c/o Kasini House
PO Box 1025
Burlington, VT 05402

Collage communities are collectives, meet-ups, ongoing collaborative projects, and groups whose focus and mission involves collage as a medium or genre in some way. 

The International Directory of Collage Communities is a survey of artist groups who are coming together around collage. The directory exists online as a searchable website. Kolaj Institute publishes a printed directory that features and highlights communities every two years. 

By documenting and mapping these communities, Kolaj Institute works to develop a picture of the collage movement: how collage artists are working together, how they are diffusing collage, and what challenges they face mobilizing an art community. 

Kolaj Institute invites active collage communities to submit to the directory. The editorial staff of Kolaj Magazine uses the Directory to select communities to feature in the publication and for various curatorial projects.


The primary purpose of database is be a resource to people seeking information about Vermont contemporary art. Its audience includes the general public as well as independent curators, art venues, and writers.

Art presenters, including some participating in Burlington’s First Friday Art, use the Artist Database to select artwork for their venues. Artists may also use the database to market, promote, and sell their work.

Kasini House uses the database to select artists for various projects such as artist portfolios in the Vermont Art Guide and artists featured on the cover of Art Map Burlington. Kasini House also uses the database to select artists for Kasini House Art Cards.

Kasini House promotes the Artist Database as a resource to independent curators and writers looking for artists for various projects, particularly those people interested in writing about and curating exhibitions of Vermont contemporary art.


The cost of a 12-month membership to the online Vermont Art Guide Artist Database is $20.00.


The print edition of the Vermont Art Guide features a directory of artists. Listings are paid advertisements that feature an image as well as the name; town; and website or email of the artist. The listings appear in a box that is 3.7 inches wide and 3 inches tall. After you select and send the images to be featured, magazine staff will prepare the listing and send you a digital proof if requested. The cost is $50 per issue (or four issues for $150) and includes a 12-month membership to the online directory.

The registration process will ask you for:
Artist Bio
Artist Statement
3-5 images & captions

Vermont Art Guide is a quarterly, printed magazine about contemporary art in Vermont. In addition to offering a comprehensive list of places to see art, we publish profiles about art venues, public art, and artists in the State of Vermont. Our website announces events and exhibitions; and reports on contemporary art news. Vermont Art Guide celebrates, inspires, documents, and promotes contemporary art in the State. In each issue of the magazine, we reveal why art in Vermont should command our attention.

List your venue for free in the magazine.

The Vermont Art Guide seeks to inform its readers about places to see art in Vermont. To this end, each issue contains a list of places to see art. Each listing contains the name of the venue, the physical address, the website, and a 1-sentence description. There is no fee for a Venue listing. This list is selected by the editor and venues appear at their discretion.

Kasini House routinely promotes exhibitions in Vermont Art Guide and Kolaj Magazine and on its websites. The purpose of this tool is to facilitate the submission of exhibition announcements. Venue Members of Art Map Burlington may also use this tool to submit exhibitions.

Please note, this is optional. You are welcome to submit exhibition announcements and press releases via email.

Email Vermont Art Guide

Email Kolaj Magazine

In order to promote your exhibition, we will need at least one image of artwork in the exhibition and a caption of the artwork. Do not send posters, images of the exhibition postcard, or images with watermarks.

Materials will be reviewed by magazine staff. Please note, submission does not guarantee that we will promote or review an exhibition. You will be contacted for further information, if necessary.

Kolaj Live Knoxville 

Kolaj Magazine is an internationally-oriented art magazine dedicated to contemporary collage. WEBSITE

Kolaj LIVE Knoxville is a weekend festival and symposium November 5th to 7th, 2021 at the Knoxville Museum of Art in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Our mission is to create a platform that allows us to explore critical issues around collage: how it is curated and presented, its role in contemporary art, and the tensions between collage as a medium, a genre, a community, and a movement. Our goal is to create an event that attracts a variety of people working in various capacities, such as art professionals at museums, galleries, and centers as well as academics, writers, and artists. Kolaj LIVE Knoxville plays a key role in the work of Kolaj Magazine and Kolaj Institute, as it is a way for us to become familiar with a professional's work. Presenters may be invited to participate in future projects. Responding to the Call is how you tell us that you would like to take on a presenting role at Kolaj LIVE Knoxville.

The program at Kolaj LIVE Knoxville will be a unique experience. Our aim is to break down hierarchy and foster dialogue among art professionals working in a variety of capacities. To that end, the editorial staff of the magazine works with presenters to craft a program. 

A presenting role can mean many different things: presenting your topic or art practice on a panel, leading a discussion on a topic important to collage, or conducting a special project during the event.
Most presenters present short slide shows about a project or their practice followed by a Q&A with the audience. We are particularly interested in: historical perspective, art world economics, the role collage has played in an artist’s practice (particularly when their final work isn’t collage per se); mash up culture; the relationship between contemporary art and society; museum issues; surveys of how collage was presented in exhibition; collections where collage plays a central role; the role of collage in various art movements (Modernism, Surrealism, Pop Art, etc.); utopian and dystopian imagery in art; art’s role in the current political moment and, in particular, how art responds to sexism and racism; notions of power in the art world and its impact on collage. 

We are particularly interested in one’s experience as an artist: making art, showing art, selling art, identifying as an artist or a collagist, how the artist participates both in an art community and in society in general. We are interested in artists open to sharing how they navigate the art world. And we are interested in various approaches and strategies for collage making. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION:  Only apply to be a presenter if you plan on attending Kolaj LIVE Knoxville in person. If you answer No to the question, "If accepted, will you attend Kolaj LIVE Knoxville, November 5-7, 2021?", your submission will not be reviewed and will be rejected. Presenters are responsible for their own travel to, accommodations at, and registration for the event. Limited resources are available to assist those presenters in need and only after their presentation submission has been accepted.

If you cannot attend Kolaj LIVE Knoxville, consider submitting to Kolaj Magazine another way. MORE INFO

Note: Members of the Kolaj Magazine Artist Directory will be able to simply refer to their listing in the directory.

The deadline to submit is September 26th, 2021. Submissions will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. Kasini House will notify Submitters via email no later than October 1st, 2021.

Kasini House