Collage in Motion is a project of Kolaj Institute that explores collage and the moving image, a broad, loosely defined category that includes animations, film cut-ups, collage film, stop-motion, animated GIFs, documentaries about collage artists, and other forms of media in which collage--as medium or genre--is present. We see our role as not one of defining "collage in motion" but as one of asking what "collage in motion" can be. The project manifests as articles in Kolaj Magazine, an online directory, workshops, residencies, and screenings. Artists with practice of Collage in Motion are encouraged to submit to the online directory.

Kolaj Institute's Collage in Motion Directory is a tool for organizing and cataloguing artists who work in the medium of motion collage. Kolaj Institute uses the Directory to curate the Collage in Motion screening that takes place at Kolaj Fest New Orleans. The Directory's audience includes the general public as well as independent curators, art venues, and writers.

The mission of the Directory is to create more visibility, community, and historical understanding of the medium, and to create a future traveling program of screenings and opportunities. We hope to inspire more still image collage artists to explore motion in their work and that we find each other in an increasingly digital world.

Before submitting, take a moment to view a few examples from the Directory so that you can see how your information will be translated to the page. 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.