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Collage on Screen Artist Residency

Early Deadline: Sunday, 14 July 2024

Final Deadline: Sunday, 28 July 2024

Collage in Motion is a project of Kolaj Institute that explores collage and the moving image, a broad, loosely defined category that includes animations, film cut-ups, collage film, stop-motion, animated GIFs, documentaries about collage artists, and other forms of media in which collage--as medium or genre--is present. We see our role as not one of defining "collage in motion" but as one of asking what "collage in motion" can be. The project manifests as articles in Kolaj Magazine, an online directory, workshops, residencies, and screenings. Artists with practice of Collage in Motion are encouraged to submit to the online directory.

Collage on Screen Artist Residency is a five-week program designed to support artists who want to develop a practice that includes motion in their art making. In five virtual meetings over five weeks and through ongoing, online discussion, we will explore the history of collage on screen and the various ways that collage makes its way to the screen and how collage artists operate in the space of moving images and sound. Unlike two-dimensional art, collage on screen is temporal art, meaning it moves through time. Because of this, viewers experience Collage on Screen not as a linear series of images but as an immersive experience. This residency asks, How do we, as collage artists, make artwork that speaks to that?

Designed for collage artists, professional development sessions focus on artist practice, how to develop a story; and how to develop moving images and sound to tell that story.  

Residents will make a 30 second film that will be considered for Collage on Screen at Kolaj Fest New Orleans 2025. If selected, the film will be included in Kolaj Institute's traveling screening program. Artists may also choose to make longer works which will also be considered. 

Before proceeding, please read the complete CALL TO ARTISTS and consider the costs, logistics, and artist obligations.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.