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Poetry & Collage Residency 2024

A four-week, virtual/online residency with Kolaj Institute in May 2024

Early deadline to apply: Sunday, 7 April 2024

Final deadline to apply: Sunday, 21 April 2024

In January 2022, Kolaj Institute issued a call to artists for a Poetry & Collage Residency and received so many excellent responses that we organized a series of three residencies. In the residencies, we challenged artists to move beyond taxonomical debates. Ric Kasini Kadour said, “What is a poem? We do not need to have a singular answer to that question. Individually we must each answer that question for ourselves. In practice, every poem we make will be an example of what a poem is. In considering other people’s work, we should ask ourselves, How is this a poem?” During the residencies, artists interrogated each other’s artwork, collaborated, and shared ideas. And at the end of it, they sent us more page spreads than could fit into a single book. Impressed and moved by the volume and quality of cultural output and a deep belief that this practice, however you want to describe it, at the intersection of collage and poetry deserves a platform, we decided to create a new journal dedicated to it. 

PoetryXCollage is a printed journal of artwork and writing that operates at the intersection of poetry and collage. We are interested in found poetry, blackout poetry, collage poems, haikus, centos, response collages, response poems, word scrambles, concrete poetry, scatter collage poems, and other poems and artwork that inhabit this world.

After releasing several volumes of the journal and opening an ongoing call for submissions we are returning to this residency program as a way to help artists develop their ideas, explore the intersection of collage and poetry, collaborate and form community, and prepare submissions for the journal. This project-driven residency is open to artists and poets.

Kolaj Institute Coordinator, Christopher Kurts will co-lead the residency with artist, poet, and writer, Jennifer Roche. Together they will guide artists in collaborative activities, research and discussion, and understanding the technical needs of design and layout necessary to submit page spreads to the PoetryXCollage Journal. Ric Kasini Kadour will talk about artist practice, the book as a place for collage, and how Kolaj Institute works to diffuse collage and poetry. Rod T. Boyer creates art and poetry under the moniker our thomas, exploring themes of redemption, mystery, and transformation. In Kolaj #32, his article, "Mind the Gap," explored how collage and haiku share similar mechanisms of juxtaposition and disjunction. He will speak to these themes during the residency.

In four virtual meetings over the course of the month (see schedule below) and through ongoing, online discussion, artists will leave the residency with a deeper understanding of the intersection of collage and poetry. Individual participants will each be invited to create and submit 3-5 page spreads to the PoetryXCollage Journal. 


Collage Artist Residencies are intended for self-motivated artists, at any stage in their career, who want to develop their practice by exploring a topic or working method and collaborating with others to produce a final product. Residencies are open to any artist over the age of 21 from anywhere in the world. 


The cost of the residency is $500 per artist. Limited financial aid is available to offset the residency fee. Organizers will support artists as they seek additional funding as needed. 


Dates: 1-30 May 2024

Thursday, 2 May 2024, 4-6PM EDT
Thursday, 9 May 2024, 4-6PM EDT
Thursday, 23 May 2024, 4-6PM EDT
Thursday, 30 May 2024, 4-6PM EDT

The workshop will begin with an invitation to join the Slack workspace on Wednesday, May 1st. Introductions and Orientation will take place during our first meeting on Thursday, 2 May, 4-6PM EDT. 

The remaining sessions will take place on 9, 23, and 30 May, from 4-6PM EDT. After the final session, artists will be invited to submit page spreads to the PoetryXCollage Journal.

Artists are expected to attend all scheduled sessions and complete assignments.


We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.